Hi Santri scholars!

You are cordially invited to join our next online sharing and discussion program.

🧕🏻 Ms. Alda Dea Delfina, MTESOL
(The awardee of MoRA Schoolarship Monash University Australia)

📆 : Friday, 17 April 2020
⏰ : 19.45 – 21.15 WIB
📱 : Via whatsapp grup Forum Santri Mengglobal

What we discuss?

  1. A Brief Story about how to get MORA scholarship: tips, tricks, and challenges. شركة بوين
  2. Living and Studying Environment in Australia
  3. Culture-Shocked Experiences as a Newcomer
  4. The Things that Moslems Need to Survive in Australia.
  5. Islam in the Eye of Australian People / Other Non-Moslem International Students

Info and registration : 0815 1797 6399 (Admin)

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