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The world is a book and those who do not travel, read only one page (st.Agustine)

Recently, studying abroad has become a new trend for young people to expand their education beyond their traditional education style and their everyday world.

Johnson and Mulholland (2006) observes that international education is an opportunity to increase the awareness of the people about the culture of the world. It also can contribute to create individuals with a broader understanding of issues concerning today’s society rather than limiting them in the scope of home educational system. In this point of view, by studying abroad students may gain the opportunity to learn more about world affairs and increase their acceptance of other countries regardless of the differences in cultures and languages.

Santri Mengglobal is an educational community which mainly encourages Indonesian students particularly santri (students of Islamic boarding school) to study overseas and to open their perspectives that International education is essential. It may help santri to broaden their knowledge globally as well as develop their global-minded. In order to reach these goals, this community would like to conduct an international trip entitled ‘International Islamic comparative study (IICS)’ in Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.

We do believe that International Islamic comparative study (IICS) would then be an effective and accessible mean for santri to experience international exposure on education as well as learn from different cultures, languages, academic environment and system. It is expected that santri participating in this program would learn on ‘how to be a great Santri Scholars’ in the future.


The objectives of International Islamic comparative study (IICS) 2023 are:

  • To build an international network for Santri Scholars at international level
  • To experience another culture, language, environment and education system.
  • To increase the self- confidence of Santri Scholars
  • To encourage Santri Scholars to work on team project
  • To develop Santri Scholars’ english speaking skill

Target Audiences

The main-targeted participants of this program would be students aged 14 – 35 from different institutions and background of study in Indonesia. But, this program is also opened for teachers and long-life learners.

Program Duration

This is a six-days program and will be held in Malaysia,Thailand and Singapore on 08 – 13 March 2023. The program will be strictly in compliance with security and health protocol according to COVID-19 regulations in the Southeast Asia. Participants joining the venue should be fully vaccinated and booster vaccination is recommended. Further information regarding this will be provided in due course. 

Program Fee

The program’s fee is IDR 4.950.000 (flight from Jakarta) and registration fee will be IDR 350.000. This fee covers many facilities, including Flight ticket (return), meals 3 times/day, international forum, hotels, T-Shirt, city tour, airport pick up, ID card, insurance and certificate. The fee excludes: Professional guide + driver and tips (IDR 50.000/days), Chop paspor in Thailand (20 RM), Paspor fee, and personal expenses.

Informasi :
(Admin IICS 4 – 2023)

Registrasi :
(Deadline: 24 December 2022)

See you, jangan lupa ajak kerabatnya yang lain juga ya!🤗

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